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Aug 10

What lies beneath hijab?

Me and a friend of mine, a Swede, talked a bit about religion during a small party in her place. We were conversing about her unpleasant experience wearing hijab (a veil or headscarf that covers head, chest, and pretty much everything else) when she was in Dubai. During her short stay there, she was forced to wear a cloth that covers about 95% of her skin, left only her face and hand unexposed to the unforgiving heat of middle east. That was not right, she told me. 
Coming from a cold country up north, wearing a hijab in a desert country feels counter intuitive, of course. Full-covering clothes are for a cold, dark and long winters. Anyone should be wearing minimal clothes in order to reduce heat, just like what every northerners always do during the summer. It’s not a good idea to wear hijab in a hot middle east country. It doesn’t make any sense. No women should wear that kind of clothes. She was reminded of some news from the TV that says islam is an extreme religion with primitive, illogical, stupid rules that has no respect whatsoever towards women. Is that the case?
"Why does Islam force women to wear hijab?" she asked me. To which I replied: first, they’re not forced to wear hijab, not by the religion [Al Baqarah:256]. Islam only warns people about the punishment they may get should they choose not to follow islamic rules. A warning is clearly different from an oppression. In most cases, it’s the government who enforces rules upon women to wear hijab.
Second, islam asks women to wear hijab in order to protect them. She looked confused and complained: “How could anyone protect women by telling them to wear that?!” So I continued by illustrating it with a story often cited by fellow moslems…
A non-islamic guy asked a moslem the very same question. Rather than giving a straightforward answer, he reached his pocket and pulled out two candies neatly wrapped in a plastic cover. He uncovers the wrap on one of them, leaving the candy exposed. Then he dropped both candies to the dusty floor beneath their feet. He picked them up, put one in each hand and asked his friend a simple question: which one will you choose, the one still concealed or the one covered with dusts? Unsurprisingly, the guy did what any sane man would do: he picked the one still wrapped.
And that’s exactly why Islam asks women to wear hijab. Islam knows that women are so precious, so beautiful and so desirable. Islam wants to protect them from all the wickedness in this world. Putting hijab on will reduce the chance of triggering men’s simple minds to fantasise on women [1]. A friend of mine actually had an experience of being protected by men instead of being sexually offended as her friend did, only because she wears hijab [2]. Of course, wearing hijab won’t stop a sexual predator from hunting its prey but at least it won’t turn an ordinary man into one.
Fascinating qualities of women are not only limited to physical attractiveness, but more determined by their intellectual, emotional and spiritual attractiveness. Ask a man what kind of women he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Any sane man will prioritise inner beauty far more than physical beauty. Physical beauty fades with time. It’s the inner beauty that stays.
Wearing hijab also enforces women to mind their acts. A friend of mine who’s wearing hijab says that whether when she’s hanging out with friends, eating at a restaurant, studying at school, or whatever she’s doing, her hijab always reminds her to act according to islamic rules. With her hijab on, she is perceived as a good moslem thus is expected to act accordingly, preventing her from doing negative acts that could harm her dignity. That’s why I have my highest admiration for moslem girls who wear hijab voluntarily. They are willing to sacrifice their personal desire as an act of loyalty to God and to her future husband.
After I explained that (well, it was a bit different than with what I have written), her eyes brightens up and she said “Oh my, I have been wrong all this time. I thought women are forced to wear hijab to cover the bruises and scars they got from their husbands.” I was a bit shocked hearing that, but I didn’t blame her for that. That’s what Islamophobists want everyone to believe.
“Now that I have talked with you, I feel enlightened.” She continued. 
Moments later, I saw her talking excitedly with a bunch of other friends about the story I just told her earlier. She tried to convince them about how misleading the perception made by most medias toward Islam.
So yeah, a little conversation at a party could go a long way…
PS. Other extra benefits of wearing hijab: 
[1] Sometimes feminists advocate “Don’t tell us if raping is the woman’s fault. The one to blame is the man because they have dirty minds. Women’s body are theirs, they’re free to choose what to do with it.” — Well yes, definitely, I agree. A victim is a victim. And anyone has the freedom to express their opinion. But hey, have you ever seen a bank displays all their wealth by the windows? Me neither. There is a reason why a bank never display their abundant wealth: to remove the chance for anyone to think of stealing its content. Will a woman be safer if she wears hijab rather than not? Most definitely.
[2] One of her friend who wasn’t wearing hijab got sexually offended at a crowded rock concert. Aware of that, she tried to walk her friend out of the crowd. When she was doing that, people surprisingly gave ways and said “Subhanallah, what a lady! Please be careful and try not to touch her!” The two could walk out of the crowd easily without any interferences. 

moving forward

25, about to graduate, still unemployed, limited professional experience, zero source of income, and my savings are sufficient only for around 4 months forward. of course i’m scared as hell. but hey, it’s been like 8 years i’ve been self-sufficient, and the past two years was the best years of my life. why am I so scared now more than ever?

perhaps the easy life has made me soft.
perhaps there’s too much expectations towards me now.
perhaps i haven’t been very grateful for what i have.
perhaps my wants has triumphed over my needs.
perhaps i forgot the feeling of working hard.
but one thing for sure, it is time to do my very best again.

life’s a choice. we don’t live for long. so better take a chance while there is one, right?

well, i’m planning to try my luck in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. pray for me please, my dear friends… bismillah.

Apr 15


Apr 01

When Love Arrives -

Both the poetry and their way of expressing it are just so mesmerizing. Feel like I wanna let my heart open and welcome Love with the biggest smile hahaha

Nov 19

Better Out Than In -

Banksy is a genius artist. I love how he cleverly addresses sensitive social issues through his art.

While most art pieces need a little textual explanation, Banksy’s pieces speak for itself. Loudly.

Oct 24


Oct 21

Wanita tercantik bagi pria terbaik; bukanlah yang paling jelita; tapi dia yang jika dipandang memberi tenang; surgapun terbayang.

Wanita terkuat bagi pria semangat bukan yang merasa hebat; tapi yang menundukkan diri dengan ibadat, menempatkan diri dalam taat.

Wanita terdahsyat bagi pria, bukan yang pesonanya memukau banyak mata; tapi yang siap jadi madrasah cinta bagi anak-anaknya.

Wanita paling kukuh di kehidupan pria, bukan yang tak pernah menangis; tapi senyumnya meneguhkan; airmatanya pengingat taqwa.

Wanita paling bermakna bagi pria bahagia; nan kala berpisah menenangkan, kala berjumpa menggelorakan, tiap masa saling menguatkan.

Wanita terkaya di hati pria bukan yang bertumpuk harta; tapi yang ridha pada halal semata; qana’ahnya jadi simpanan tak fana.

hasil salin-tempel sebagian status FBnya kang Rihan:

Oct 12

"Gantungkan cita-cita mu setinggi langit!Bermimpilah setinggi langit!Jika engkau jatuh, engkau akan jatuh di antara bintang-bintang!” - Ir. Soekarno

"Gantungkan cita-cita mu setinggi langit!
Bermimpilah setinggi langit!
Jika engkau jatuh, engkau akan jatuh di antara bintang-bintang!”
- Ir. Soekarno

Aug 08